April   3, 8-10pm: [TABULA RASA] opening reception
April   3, 8-10pm: Meghann McCrory's exhibition reception
April 10,                 Ali Prosch's exhibition reception
April 13, 2 - 7pm:  CalArts MFA Open Studios 2008
April 17, 9-11pm:  [TABULA RASA] closing reception
April 17, 9-11pm:  Michiko Yao's SHOJOHOLIC reception

Saturday, April 19, 2008

TABULA RASA extends another week

Originaly TABULA RASA project had planed to end today. Following the plan, I (Michiko) leave the project today, but Meghann and Ali continue working on it for another week. 

In this collaboration project, my approach was to create a series of holes that perforate the walls to transgress the boundary between inside and outside. Through the accumulation of these small but impactful gestures, I investigate the role of boundaries as persistent obstacles created by the binary relationships that divide art/life, masculinity/femininity, East/West and high/low. Through this process of erasure I strives to rejoin the divided and propose a monistic space.

It was very interesting experience for me to work with other students collaboratively. I lerned the reality of artist's life in the U.S.. It also gave me an opportunity to rethink of my own exhibition, Shojoholic and its relation to TABULA RASA. 

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