April   3, 8-10pm: [TABULA RASA] opening reception
April   3, 8-10pm: Meghann McCrory's exhibition reception
April 10,                 Ali Prosch's exhibition reception
April 13, 2 - 7pm:  CalArts MFA Open Studios 2008
April 17, 9-11pm:  [TABULA RASA] closing reception
April 17, 9-11pm:  Michiko Yao's SHOJOHOLIC reception

Thursday, April 17, 2008

More images...

Here are some pictures from yesterday....

As the cube evolves, and we trespass each other's work, questions of authorship and territory begin to take shape... Can three very different people share a single space? What kinds of conflict might arise? Can we actually let go of our egos?

More holes keep appearing, and then being covered, and then uncovered again...an exercise in futility or a dialog through materials? Some discomfort on the part of the individuals involved signals a new era of the project...as we mark, erase and re-mark each other's work....

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