April   3, 8-10pm: [TABULA RASA] opening reception
April   3, 8-10pm: Meghann McCrory's exhibition reception
April 10,                 Ali Prosch's exhibition reception
April 13, 2 - 7pm:  CalArts MFA Open Studios 2008
April 17, 9-11pm:  [TABULA RASA] closing reception
April 17, 9-11pm:  Michiko Yao's SHOJOHOLIC reception

Monday, April 21, 2008

A cocktail party...

Last week Ali and I covered all the openings and holes in the walls of the cube with plexi, tissue paper, tape, balloons, insulation foam, photo gels and anything else we could find to prepare for our next performance. It was no small job - Michiko's interventions made an impressive constellation across two walls...

On Thursday we invited six other people to come to a "cocktail party" inside the cube, complete with music and a disco ball. While we enjoyed refreshments and conversation, people wandered by the cube, sometimes poking a curious finger through the tissue paper...their interventions were quickly covered up while we talked about the weather, our weekend and what we planned for the summer.

Another participant stayed in the passageway/crawlspace of the cube, protected by plexi, reading a book and eating a sandwich.

During the party each guest was invited to choose a spot on one of the walls to cut a hole. About 45 minutes in, everyone stuck an arm or a leg out of the cube - it quickly became an interactive performance as our audience gave us high-fives, lent us yo-yo's, stole flip flops, and various other communications with our disembodied limbs...some of which were a little less benign. At one point, several people tried to pull me through the dry wall entirely - I have a ring of black and blue around my leg to show for it...

Here are some images...

Big thanks to Lakshmi Luthra for documenting the night!